Red Hills Fruit – in Light Syrup

For many years, Red Hills Fruit Company has worked closely with the growers and packers of the Pacific Northwest’s finest fruits and berries.  We are located in the heart of Oregon’s fruit and berry region, so we can get the finest tree and vine ripened fruits and berries at their peak of goodness.

All our Fresh Fruits in Light Syrup are 100% natural and made with real cane sugar.  They contain no preservatives, no high fructose corn syrup and are gluten free.  With packaging that is completely recyclable, our commitment to sustainable, local, and all natural ingredients shows in every jar.

Eat them fresh right out of the jar!  Use them in healthy fruit smoothies and delicious milkshakes or as a topping on Oatmeal, Ice Cream, Pancakes, Cheesecake and much more. Pamper your palate today.