About Us

Our Farmhouse in Dundee, Oregon (Built 1895)

Lynne and I moved to Oregon in 1974. In 1975 we bought a 22 acre farm near Dundee, Oregon in the heart of the Oregon wine country. We raise sheep, Brooks prunes and filberts (hazelnuts).

In 1995 we decided that we wanted to work more closely with the wonderful agricultural bounty of the Pacific Northwest. We had always had Brooks Prunes on the farm, so working with the fruits and berries of the region was a obvious choice.



Dundee Fruit Company

Dick & Lynne Sadler

Oregon and the Pacific Northwest grows some of the world’s best fruits and berries. The mild, wet climate is ideal for producing unmatched flavor. The short season for these great fruits makes them largely unavailable to most people outside of the region. We founded Dundee Fruit Company to make these wonderful fruits and berries available to everyone. We are dedicated to doing everything we can to preserve the natural qualities of this truly great produce.


Early Production

The first two years we made our products at the Oregon State University’s pilot plant. By 1997 we had outgrown this facility and started construction of our own plant in McMinnville, Oregon. We designed it from the beginning to work with a variety of Northwest fruits and berries. We wanted a clean modern facility that would allow us to handle the fruit gently and to pack it to the highest possible safety standards.

We started production in our new plant in the summer of 1997. It’s a great plant and we are proud of it and what it can do. To find out more about the plant, visit our Plant Tour.



Bad picture, Great award!

2001 State of Oregon Award

In October 2001 the State of Oregon awarded Dundee Fruit Company its “High Value Products Award” for 2001.

All of us at Dundee Fruit Company hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them for you.
Dick & Lynne Sadler